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"In a charming, homely setting (and yes, it is an old convent), Josie Chapman serves up a great-value set brunch and lunch. Enjoy her corn fritters with smoked trout, poached fruit with muesli, and eggs with homemade baked beans and ham. Only on Sunday."

— Good Food Guide, September 7 2012


"There is a place a little outside of Orange but well worth the visit. Just imagine having breakfast looking out over green pastures and the mountains in the distance. The Old Convent serves a fixed menu for breakfast and a fixed menu for lunch, opened only on a Sunday. It is truly a little gem and friends who come to visit make a special point of doing 'Brunch' at the Convent when they come. The food is delicious with Josie's own twist after many visits to France. Well worth the drive out of town, and don't forget to book." 




"...Another long-standing favourite is Old Convent where Josie Chapman presides over Sundays-only breakfast, lunch and tea. “All our favourite chefs are the ones working closely with their local producers, and Josie’s no exception. Her food is spot-"on.”