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The Old Convent has been serving up cafe meals and amazing catering for some 16 years. 

In that time there have been countless weddings, brunches, and exclamations of "mmm" in our once hallowed halls. 

Since opening, Josie has undertaken the Alain Ducasse intensive chef de partie training in Paris to cement her skills. 

Repent your sins of mediocre eating and average accommodations past. Head to the Convent for the best brunch in the Orange region, cosy and stylish country stays, and exquisite food that will make your function unforgettable. 

For the month of July 2017, you can arrange bodywork and massage appointments at the Old Convent from Sunday to Wednesday. 

Hannah practices shiatsu massage, yoga therapy and other bodywork techniques such as reiki and holistic nutrition advice. Her approach aims to correct the root causes of aches, pains and discomfort so they don’t return. 

Each appointment is tailored to fit you. A session can run from 1-3 hours, depending on what you need. Every body is catered to with care. 

Bodywork can range from relaxing massages to wind down for the weekend, uplifting private yoga classes to realign and re-energise, or deep healing that addresses recurring pain. 

Sessions may include shiatsu massage, corrective yoga moves, healthy eating plans and reiki therapy. It’s all according to your preferences and requirements. 

Take advantage of this unique therapy while you can - in Orange for a limited time only!


1 hour and 15 minutes - $75

2 hours: $120

3 hours: $150

Enquire about home sessions and treatments by clicking here. Don’t be shy if you have any questions!

Find out more about shiatsu massage by clicking here.

  1. Join us for a foodie tour of France!

We are now taking expressions of interest and reservations for this once in a lifetime culinary experience. This tour will take place in both Paris and rural France in 2018, and will take you from haute cuisine to France’s classic rustic food. 

Come and sample cheese you never knew could taste so good, perfect Parisian pastries, and a cuisine that has been perfected over centuries. 

You’ll be treated to delectable morsels of both food, wine, and culinary knowledge on this tour.


What to expect:

-A week in Paris and a week in wine country

-Cooking classes with established French chefs

-Walking tours to Parisian food institutions

-Shopping for fresh produce in the market

-Wine tasting and vineyard tours

-Free time to explore Paris and surrounds

-A small group of no more than 10 people

Your guides and teachers:

Josie Chapman - Josie has lived in Paris while studying at the Alain Ducasse Culinary School, and is organising a trip to experience. Josie’s passion for both cuisine and Paris is unparalleled, and is an expert on the culinary history of French cooking.

Michael Manners - Well-known Australian chef and restaurateur of two hatted establishments, Michael Manners originally studied in Lausanne so has a rich history with French cuisine. 

**Please note that after the culinary masterpieces you ingest on this tour you may find it difficult to settle back to mediocre food ever again in your life.  The Old Convent takes no responsibility for future angst in the butter section or any bitter disappointment caused by a dinner party cheese platter. You have been warned.